: comics by Katherine Ball :

An artist, experimenter, and dreamer living in Portland, Oregon, Katherine makes art within—rather than about—movements. She has organized large-scale protests with the Portland Action Lab, lived on a floating island to conduct experiments with lake-cleaning oyster mushrooms, and bicycled from Oregon to Washington, D.C. to present legislators with small-scale solutions to climate change (Her film documenting the experience will be released this winter). She is currently enrolled in Portland State University’s Art + Social Practice MFA program.

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The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is an organization of corporate giants and state legislators that write laws favoring the interests of the corporations that write them. ALEC is responsible for the Arizona anti-immigration and detention fracas, for the Wisconsin and Ohio anti-worker hullabaloo, and currently, 10% of our state laws being enacted are written by ALEC.