Inside ALEC’s Corporate Speakeasy

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Written by Matthew Ocasio.
Illustrated by Katelyn Hale.
Additional illustration by Katherine Ball.

from the series The Occupied Page

Informational. Educational. Occupational.

  1. Inside ALEC’s Corporate Speakeasy

Katelyn Hale

Katelyn Hale cuts and folds paper, prints blocks of linoleum, illustrates, and collaborates. Find her work and related miscellany at Curiocity Printing.

Katherine Ball

An artist, experimenter, and dreamer living in Portland, Oregon, Katherine makes art within---rather than about---movements. She has organized large-scale protests with the Portland Action Lab, lived on a floating island to conduct experiments with lake-cleaning oyster mushrooms, and bicycled from Oregon to Washington, D.C. to present legislators with small-scale solutions to climate change (Her film documenting the experience will be released this winter). She is currently enrolled in Portland State University’s Art + Social Practice MFA program.

Matthew Ocasio

Matthew Ocasio believes that storytelling can save the world, for it is stories that frame our beliefs, conceptions, and expectations from the world around us. To that end, he hides out in his apartment with his two cats and a keyboard so as to better orient peoples' perspectives and, hopefully, save a little bit of the world.

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  1. kenan says:

    Well done, Matt. Such a clear explanation of an obscure issue. I hope you make lots more of these.

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