The Pyramid

page 4
back cover

this is the third comic in kenan’s oubliette series. chronologically, it comes first.

from the series The Oubliette

Some days end up here.

  1. The Pyramid
  2. On The Beach
  3. Drought
  4. Prologue

Kenan Rubenstein

Kenan makes comics and websites (including this one). his scribbles and scrawls can be found under the haystack.


  1. […] the pyramid can be purchased below, or read, in an admittedly less gratifying format, over at foldy comics. […]

  2. garbonzo says:

    Just published my review of the “book” on the site ( Great work! Can’t wait for more!!!!

  3. […] ○ april 24th & 25th in portland, oregon: boy blue & co. return for our third year at the little expo that somehow manages to, the stumptown comics fest, alongside fellow folder josh shalek and special guest grego’. […]

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